The surgery at Northern Beaches Family Dental was designed and built to be spacious, light and comfortable, and easily accessible to all our patients. We use safe, modern equipment and have strict sterilisation protocols in place for your peace of mind.


Our practice is equipped with a digital scanner, which captures a 3D model of your teeth and gums. Digital scanning is a comfortable, fast and accurate alternative to traditional putty impressions.


Intra-Oral Camera

Our dentists use an intra-oral camera to take high quality, close up images of specific areas of the tooth. These images greatly improve the visibility and clarity of the condition of individual teeth. They are very helpful in enabling patients to better see and understand areas of interest or concern in their own mouths.



Our modern x-ray machines take digital x-rays, which have many benefits. They use very little radiation and no chemicals, and are high resolution images that may be further manipulated (such as by enlargement or changes in contrast) to aid diagnosis. Digital x-rays are also very quick and easy to send to specialist practitioners or patients. Our practice is also equipped with an OPG machine, allowing us to take OPG and Lateral Ceph images quickly and conveniently.



In the interest of our patient's health and safety our surgery meets and exceeds all government standards. This includes the sterilisation of all instruments and handpieces by a LISA W&H autoclave after every patient. Every autoclave cycle is checked and recorded. Our practice has very strict cleaning protocols in place, which ensure a clean and hygienic environment to be treated and to work in.